Digitizing the Past

With a new school year underway, and Volume 3 of Speakman Press in the works, we decided to share our past volumes with our readership. The goal is to grow said readership, and to give potential contributors a deeper context of what Speakman Press is all about.





September’s Rolled Around, Again

It’s September, which means school’s back in session. But it also means Speakman Press is waiting to hear from you. After a successful inaugural year on campus, we’re excited to start our second year as MSVU’s printed platform for creative and academic work.

As some people may know, parts of our executive team have graduated from the Mount. This means we’re looking for help. If you’re interested in becoming involved with Speakman Press and the MSVU Publishing Society, let us know! There are a number of capacities to involve yourself with: editing, design, marketing, and, of course, contributing your work to the publication.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates on the new executive team, and upcoming deadline and launch dates!

Advocates Shine in Writers on Rights Event

By Brad Donaldson

On Sunday, July 17, community members, fans, and writers gathered in the Halifax Central Library’s Paul O’Regan Hall. The reason: the second annual “Meet me in Halifax: Writers on Rights” event.

So while the grey afternoon skies argued over whether or not to rain, invited poets from Eastern Canada stood and addressed the present civil rights issues through their art Continue reading

Meet the Press


Editorial Director

Brad Donaldson is a twenty-three-year-old Communication Major. Away from school, his spare time is spent reading second-hand paperbacks, writing, and pretending to know how to take photos. His goal with the Speakman Press is to create a feeling of collectivism through creative written expression around MSVU’s campus. He also enjoys writing about himself in third-person far more than any person should.

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